Founded in Manhattan, NY nearly a decade ago by Founder and CEO Eric Sherman, family-operated Transit Staffing has developed into a unique, efficient temporary and permanent transportation staffing firm that strives to be a reliable partner to every client. Built from an incredible desire to not only provide companies with staff that exceed expectations but to change the lives of temporary and permanent staff seeking employment one by one, Transit Staffing boasts an impressive database of qualified candidates with specialty in a vast array of fields all within the transportation industry — Click here to view a list of areas of expertise.


Transit Staffing continually strives to reach their company goal of building successful, long-term partnerships with companies nationwide — quickly mobilizing staff to meet company/project needs — while making a difference in the lives of the individuals they place. Transit Staffing maintains an attitude of both professional and social responsibility—making green choices and engaging in green projects whenever possible.

Transit Staffing, which prides itself in being a consistent, reliable and honest staffing firm, goes above and beyond to ensure that each candidate available in their database is not only qualified, but has undergone a unique skills and behavior assessment which includes drug testing, background checks and a psychological evaluation. The temporary and permanent employees that are placed by Transit Staffing assist companies in moving forward to meet both project goals and long-term goals. Using a unique, comprehensive system to analyze staffing needs within companies, Transit Staffing strives to place staff that not only compliment the companies for which they work, but enrich them—meeting success with unparalleled frequency as a result of low-turnover rates and high retention rates.


Having provided both temporary and permanent staff for notable transportation companies and transit authorities nationwide, Transit Staffing successfully places top-tier professionals while remaining attentive to the budgetary and employee needs of companies large and small — including fortune 500 companies. Clients appreciate the individualized services and focused attention provided by Transit Staffing during every phase of the staffing process. Clients’ success and level of contentment with the staff placed by Transit Staffing remain a priority at all times as we strive to make every placement situation successful. Transit Staffing is at your service, ready to mobilize staff wherever and whenever you need them.


Transit Staffing, an equal opportunity staffing firm, complies with all state and federal employment laws and regulations and is fully licensed and bonded.


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